Monday, March 14, 2005

A Work Day Monday

Mutterings continued.

Back at it. News Paws, the magazine, is finally at the printers and looking good. Geoff, in Design, has done a lovely job.

I finished reading The Da Vinci Code last night; I got it to see what all the fuss is about. As a mystery story, it's pretty good, though I did work out some of the clues before the hero and heroine did. As a comment on the Church, the godhood of Christ, the 'real' Holy Grail, and the place of women in theology, it's also interesting. There's a doco on telly this week which visits the locations in the book; as a travelogue it should be intriguing as some rather cool places are mentioned.

Watched most of the Marple episode with Derek J last night; will see the rest tonight. A stellar cast, including Miriam Margolyes and Jason Flemyng. Have I mentioned that Mr Flemyng has been cast as Quatermass in a BBC4 dramatisation of "Experiment"? His father, Gordon, directed the Peter Cushing Dalek movies.


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