Monday, March 07, 2005

Yesterday Was a Loooong Day

Mutterings continued.

Got to the theatre about 4ish for the tech rehearsal, got home after 11.30. Tonight and tomorrow it's the dress rehearsals and then we're up on Wednesday! The play starts at 7.30pm, not the usual 8pm.

Bizarre news from Ananova: "A car that had been without wheels or batteries for 6 months has moved 15 inches overnight.

The old car used to belong to a funeral company and was being repaired by Herminio Anselmo da Silva in his shop in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Mr da Silva told Hoje em Dia newspaper: "The car was parked on a flat surface and no one got near it. I cannot explain what happened and it is freaking me out." And somewhere out the back are a couple of his young employees, giggling. "The man was so terrified with the car that the police brought in a physics teacher to study the case." The exorcist is next.


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