Saturday, February 26, 2005

Overcast and cool. Lovely.

Mutterings continued.

It's been raining! Not much but enough to be pleasant. And there was a thunderstorm overnight; lots of lovely thunder and lightning.

I've shopped, voted, vacuumed, washed the floors and dusted. Jocelyn is joining us for tea and Mystie tonight; L and R are doing Jerk chicken and I'm supplying the sweeeeets.

The Evil ABC Shop has heaps of Goons goodies in the window, including the Last Goon Show of All DVD. Very tempting. I discovered the Goons in the 70's during a driving lesson (my instructor insisted we pull over and listen) during a Saturday morning lesson. He didn't charge me for the extra half hour. On the following Monday, I bounced into the WAIT Psych students' common room and told everybody about this hysterical thing I'd heard on the radio. Nothing like being 20 years behind....

Petrol has gone up in price again. My favourite servo is charging over $1 a litre!


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