Friday, February 25, 2005

Well, that's me done

Mutterings continued.

for a couple of weeks. One lot of stress over, another just beginning. News Paws is finally at the stage where it goes to three of the managers to check and then to the printer's. Yay! And Zoo News was almost at the stage when I left. Double yay!

The Charlie and the Chocolate Factory preview (it's is up. I haven't had a chance to look at it yet, it's still loading. Ah, the joys of dial up. I must get around to this new-fangled invention that the young people are talking about. I think it's called SADL or somesuch.

I watched some of the tracks on the Bill Bailey DVD I got for me birfday. Very funny stuff, especially for fans of Kraftwork.

I hope Rob's exams went well today. The first involved being given a 'broken' computer and having to fix it. I suggested he use duct tape but apparently that wasn't a helpful suggestion.

Sir Sean Connery and Dame Judi Dench are Britain's most popular screen legends, according to a new poll.

From Ananova: "The 74-year-old Scottish Bond star was voted the best British actor of all time, while Dame Judi, 70, stole best actress.

1 Sean Connery 2 Anthony Hopkins 3 Alec Guinness 4 Michael Caine 5 Laurence Olivier 6 Richard Burton 7 Cary Grant 8 John Mills 9 Richard Attenborough 10 Peter Sellers

The top ten British actresses were:

1 Judi Dench (yay!) 2 Julie Walters 3 Elizabeth Taylor 4 Helen Mirren 5 Julie Andrews 6 Maggie Smith 7 Thora Hird 8 Vanessa Redgrave 9 Kate Winslet 10 Emma Thompson (yay!!)" Exclamations mine.


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