Thursday, March 03, 2005

A Messy Day

Mutterings continued.

I visited Bunnings in South Perth (it's one of the small, old fashioned hardware stores with wooden floorboards, not one of the mega-huge warehouses) for some more washers to paint gold, and then took a trip to Spotlight in Cannington.

And the rest of the day was spent making gold coins and Oracle proclamations (and watching more B5 episodes) - I have ink and gold paint on my fingers. In the play, the proclamation by the Oracle is to clear Hermione of adultery and announce that the child born is the daughter of the king who has declared her a bastard. In my version of the proclamation, it's all gibberish, created by using a couple of stencils of Gothic and Olde English script and a texta. Fortunately, it gets ripped up every night, so I'm hoping that no one will be able to read what I've written.

For a couple of plays I've put the actual lines in the documents and the actors have read them - it really throws them when I don't. Heheheh. Evil laugh.

The rehearsal last night went well; they ran through the first act. It's rather nasty stuff, a la Othello and Lear. Shakespeare obviously had a thing about men turning on women for no reason at all. At least this play has a strong female character, along the lines of Beatrice in Much Ado and Kate in Shrew. Shirley Welsh plays her beautifully and is a joy to watch. And Stephen Lee does a fabulous ranting Leontes.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"the proclamation by the Oracle is to clear Hermione of adultery "

... !

Oh great and mighty Oracle, for whom all things are known, and for whom prophalaxis never fails, what of the rumours that young Harry is cheating on his best friend?

(Maybe I need to get out more...)

12:33 am  

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