Wednesday, March 02, 2005

An overcast day

Mutterings continued.

Thundery showers were forecast, none have arrived. The temp was to be 30c however I'm not sure it made it.

Today I made gold coins from washers, bits of masking tape and the fabbo gold pen Leece left behind yesterday. It works on metal, it works on vinyl - it's magic! I also bought lots of cheap flowers and 3 pottery jugs from Bunnings. Not quite what the director is looking for but they may do; we'll see. At only $3.50 I'll probably keep them myself to put on the verandah. Thanks to George of KADS for spotting them and letting me know. Leece found just the thing in an op shop yesterday. And I made 3 tablecloths - it was really difficult and involved hemming two ends. My sewing machine is about 20 years old and still going! It's never had a service and I don't think I've oiled it. It was covered in dust but it still works. Well, it did a few minutes ago, it won't now.

Mr Milson, Jonno (production manager and set/props builder extraordinaire) and I were discussing watching movies and plays - I can't see them without wondering where they got the props from and Jonno examines the set design.

The aus.sf.b5 newsgroup has had a bit of action on it lately, sparked in part by the release of the DVDs. It's great being able to chat about B5 again. I watched a couple of eps from series 2 - Long Twilight Struggle and Fall of Night - while prop making this arvo.

From Ananova: "The Queen met famous guitarists and asked "What do you do?"

When the Queen met Eric Clapton she asked: "Have you been playing a long time?" He replied: "It must be 45 years now."

The Queen met Clapton, Led Zepplin guitarist Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck, who all played in The Yardbirds reports The Sun.

She asked page: "Are you a guitarist too?"

The stars were at a Buckingham Palace reception to celebrate the music industry." In the olden days they then would have trashed the place.

Cool report from the New Scientist - Most distant galaxy cluster yet is revealed. "The cluster of galaxies spotted by astronomers lies 9 billion light-years away."

Rehearsals again tonight, the first half this time.


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