Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Day of Mixed Fortunes

Mutterings continued.

Leece came over today and we created the Royal Briefcase for Winter's Tale. We found a Sicilian royal crest on Google, Leece traced it, created a template and we painted it in gold on the case. Looks very cool. Thanks Leece!

I made four of the Oracle's proclamations today - five to go. And I've dirtied up a hessian sack with brown paint - apparently it's supposed to be big enough for a sheep to fit in. Hope I don't have to find the sheep. My hands are covered in brown paint and texta.

I found three of the jugs I want on eBay - all in one auction! I'm the highest bidder at $15 for the three, plus about $20 postage. Leece found another in an op shop today, so that's four (assuming I win this bid, of course).

Tony P of GRADS was going to meet me at Dad's to pick up the wheelchair, however he rang to say he'd had an accident! He's ok, the car isn't.

I've got Ovation on in the background - they're screening a special on the Yardbirds. Damn but they were good! Jeff Beck has just had some harsh words about the cult film Blow Up, along the lines of, "If Hemmings was supposed to be Hockney and we were supposed to be the Who, why didn't they get the real people and make a decent film?"


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