Friday, March 11, 2005

A Cooler Day

Mutterings continued.

It rained on and off all day yesterday, causing concern about last night's performance of Winter's Tale. The soggy stuff held off and the stage was reasonably dry. We were very surprised when the audience, made up mostly of school kids, actually laughed at one of Shakespeare's "jokes". We'd never got it and were very surprised to hear the laughter - lots of double takes and stunned looks backstage.

Thanks to the assistance of a the Production Manager and one of the ASMs, I'm getting away from the theatre before 11pm each night. They help put away most of the props during the second half, leaving me with just a few bits and pieces to find (usually hidden in a dressing room), gather up and stash.

Mr Milson made the comment as I was setting up last night that I look like a bag lady as I push my cart of tat across the stage. He's right, I do.

From Ananova: "Lord of the Rings star Sir Ian McKellen is to join Coronation Street.

The actor - wizard Gandalf in the movie trilogy - has signed up to appear in 10 episodes of the ITV soap as author Mel Hutchwright.

Sir Ian makes his first appearance in the legendary soap in May when his on-screen character - a dodgy novelist - is invited to address the Weatherfield book club.

Last year Sir Ian, 65, said his only remaining ambition was to appear in the Street - after fulfilling his other desire to play a dame." Interesting....


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