Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Naughty Poss Day

Mutterings continued.

Had the healthiest lunch I could think of today - a basket of wedges and a coffee. At least I didn't have sour cream on the wedges. I did have a salad yesterday, and yoghurt and a banana for mornoes this morning which cancels out the wedges. Or it would in an ideal world.

There's lots of amusing to-ing and fro-ing in the alt.prisoner newsgroup, most recently about the not-very-well attended Prisoner Con at Portmeirion.

I received an email from Sendit today advising that the Goodies 2 has been shipped. Yay! They emailed me the other day to say it was out of stock so I wasn't expecting it for a while. Good old Sendit.

The Empire Magazine movie awards are done and dusted. No Lord of the Rings this year, of course. Quote from Kevin Smith, "Behind my desk I've got a bunch of shelves with books and pornography and one of the shelves is the awards, the tin I've collected. So this goes right up there. It'll be a constant reminder that somebody in England likes me." And, "You don't know how many editors at Empire Magazine I had to suck off to get this award. " Quite. He won the Independent Spirit Award, BTW.


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