Thursday, March 24, 2005

The Friday That Isn't

Mutterings continued.

It's Thursday but feels like a Friday. Four days off, hurrah!

Gang from work went out for lunch to a book cafe. I had Florentine Foccaccia - chicken, Swiss cheese, avocado, other good stuff. And an Earl Grey tea.

Some good stuff in the letterbox today - the 2nd Goodies DVD from Sendit, April's Foxtel guide and a postcard from Chile from Nick who is undertaking part 2 of his trip around the world. The Goodies DVD comes with a booklet detailing (in detail!) each of the episodes on the disk. And one of the extras on the disk is a series of scripts in pdf format.

An ideal job? "Two men have spent six months eating 350 Easter eggs.

Jeff Pyne and Rahul Patel are professional Easter egg tasters for Tesco." Actually, given the cheap and nasty nature of most Easter eggs, probably not a good job after all. Unless of course the eggies are Belgian.

And speaking of Belgians, "Oldest' Belgian died 51 years ago

Officials have discovered that a woman proclaimed to be the eldest living Belgian actually died half a century ago."

"Sleepwalker mows lawn naked

A sleep-walking computer expert was caught by his wife mowing the lawn naked at 2am." I've only ever shifted furniture; thank the small gods I don't have a lawn. Or a lawnmower.

A bit of a heads up (lord I hate that cliche!): Class Act is producing Twelfth Night in June. June 3 - 18, Tues to Sat, at the Rechabites. As the blurb says, "Boy meets girl. Girl dresses as boy. Another girl falls in love with girl!" And it's directed by Stephen Lee.


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