Friday, March 25, 2005

Quiet Day

Mutterings continued.

Didn't do a lot today - some housework, the washing, tidied away some props, nothing much.

A flock of Carnaby's cockatoos has just flown over, heading towards the Zoo. Does this mean rain? Must go and check on the ants to confirm.

My version of Mozilla has travelled back in time and is only reading blogs dated February. I've cleared the cache and that seems to have helped.
Shopping tomorrow morning and then into the Emerald in the evening for company and Mystie.

From the BBC:
T rex fossil has 'soft tissues'

Dinosaur experts have extracted samples of what appear to be soft tissues from a Tyrannosaurus rex fossil bone.

The US researchers tell Science magazine that the organic components resemble cells and fine blood vessels.

In the hotly contested field of dino research, the work will be greeted with acclaim and disbelief in equal measure."

From the Guardian: 'He was a gay Catholic from Lancashire...'

Who was Shakespeare? As a new play about the Bard opens, we asked his biographers, editors and fans to give their view."

I'm a fan of Stargate:SG1, but as I've mentioned before, I haven't seen it for a while and have lost touch with what's going on. I caught an ep a couple of weeks ago and it had the doctor from Stargate:Atlantis in it. The first ep of S:A featured Jack and Teal'c - the latter providing much amusement for Leece and Rob.


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