Wednesday, April 06, 2005

A Summer's Day

Mutterings continued.

36c. Enough Said.

I had another run in with James the Hamadryas Baboon this morning. I was watching his son, Taye, playing. He was doing the usual silly kiddy things - standing on his head, rolling around, etc, and he nearly fell off the rock into the water. He gave a frightened squeal and James came running to see what was up, looked up, saw me and bared his teeth. And baboons have very nasty teeth! I told him it wasn't my fault and it was Taye being silly but he didn't seem to believe me.

I've just got back from dinner (mmmmm, nachos and a lime spider) with TUS. I bought the first in the Dark Materials trilogy at the bookshop next door - the booksellers raved about it ("Better than Harry Potter" according to one), so I'm looking forward to reading it.

Irony time - Iinet have upgraded their Webaccelerator software to V.5. Unfortunately, my connection to them using V.4 is so slow I can't download it.


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