Saturday, April 02, 2005

More an Autumn day

Mutterings continued.

Perth tends not to have four seasons a year (unlike Melbourne, which has all four in one day) - we go from summer to winter and back again without much in between. Certainly there's no acclimatisation. Last week it was 43, this week 15. Today, however, is quite Autumn-ish - rain in the morning, sun came out, bits of blue sky and a reasonable temperature. This is also like our spring.

Leece and Rob are coming to dinner tonight - stiry fry chicken and Mystie on the menu.

I had a great senior's moment this morning (not) - friend at work told me about a kitchen gizmo she bought from House that cost $19.95. I've wanted one for a long time and went into the shop this morning to get it. Damned if I could remember what it was I wanted. *sigh*

Are you worried that the Government is reading your thoughts and downloading instructions via microwaves into your brain? Get a Foil Hat!


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