Thursday, March 31, 2005

Almost a Winter's Day

Mutterings continued.

No blog yesterday, Blogspot was stuffed.

Lovely weather today - 19c max., making Perth the capital city with the lowest temp. Even Hobart was warmer. 19c tomorrow, low 20's on the weekend. Very nice.

A couple of great animal encounters over the last couple of days. Yesterday afternoon I went to the cinema in the African Savannah to lock up, only to find a couple of people watching the video clips. I left them to it and wandered over to watch the Hamadryas Baboons. Taye, the young 'un, was playing with a bit of wood - rolling on it, chewing it, standing on his head, all very kittenish behaviour. He dropped it into the moat and ran down to get it. Baboons don't like water and he couldn't reach it so he had a bit of a whimper. His dad, James, came running over when he heard the noise, saw me and obviously blamed me for upsetting his kid. He glared up at me in a very threatening manner. I told him it wasn't my fault but he didn't seem to believe me.

This morning, one of the keepers took Stinky, the young Little Penguin, for a walk past our office. We went out and said hello and he came over to check if we had anything for him. He nibble my bracelet and ring and had a good look in my hands for hidden fish. He then waddled off into the garden bed. The keeper had to pick him up and carry him as he kept being distracted and wandering off.

And just prior to that the two dingoes were walked past us.

It appears that the new Dr Who series has been a hit (10 million viewers) and a second series has been commissioned. Without Christopher Eccleston it seems. Apparently it was all too hard for the lad and he wants out.

Also from The Scotsman:
"Daleks aim at Darth in store wars

DARTH VADER is taking on the Daleks in an epic battle for parentsÂ’ hard-earned cash.

As Doctor Who returns to our screens, science fiction fans are eagerly anticipating the latest and last Star Wars film, Episode 3: The Revenge of the Sith." Still want a Darth Tater.....

And this tit-bit: "Patrick Troughton - 1966-69
Troughton trained as an actor at the Embassy School of Acting in the UK and at Leighton RollinÂ’s Studio for Actors at Long Island, New York, before joining the Royal Navy during the Second World War. Afterwards he joined the Old Vic and became a Shakespearean actor. He won his most famous role as the second Doctor in 1966 and played the part for three years. He died of a heart attack at a science fiction convention in 1987." I hadn't realised he died at a con.


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