Sunday, April 03, 2005

A Sunny Day

Mutterings continued.

Nice weather - cool night, blue skies, warm-ish.

Leece, Rob, stir fry chicken and noodles, panatoni, Goodies, Bill Bailey and MST3K last night. All very enjoyable. Rob had never seen The Movies ep of the Goodies; it's def. one of their best. Very cleverly put together and quite surreal.

And the Mystie was an Ed Wood - The Sinister Urge. Now, for an Ed Wood movie, it's rather good. It suffers from wooden acting (Leece's joke, not mine ) and lousy lighting, but it does have a plot. It also has a rather peculiar idea of what make 'smut' movies (women in swim suits, from what I can gather) and tries to make the point that 'smut' movies are worse than kidnapping and murder. Oh, and it has a policeman dressing up in women's clothes. Of course!

Went to Dad's for lunch (curry and noodles) and called into Bunnings on the way home for more plants - two petunias (red and red and white) and a lavender bush. Luuurve lavender.


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