Monday, April 04, 2005

A Monday

Mutterings continued.

A little warmer today; I needed to put the aircon on in the car for the homeward journey. I finally remembered to book Manfred in for a service on Thursday - it's his 3k freebie.

I've started writing articles for the next Zoo magazine. It's a bit like the Harbour Bridge this thing - finish one end and start again at the other.

A big 10 on the Eeew meter -
"Artist invents pierced glasses

A Dallas artist has had permanent glasses pierced through the bridge of his nose.

James Sooy, 22, came up with the idea because his specs were constantly slipping down his nose."

Channel 4 in the UK has done a viewers' poll of the greatest Brit comedy sketches of all time. The top ten:

  1. Lou and Andy (Swimming Pool) - Little Britain
  2. Petshop/Dead Parrot - Monty Python's Flying Circus
  3. Tubbs and Edward (Road Men) - The League of Gentlemen
  4. Vicky Pollard (Swimming Pool) - Little Britain
  5. Four Candles - The Two Ronnies
  6. Going For An English - Goodness Gracious Me
  7. Acorn Antiques � Victoria Wood, As Seen On TV
  8. Breakfast - The Morecambe and Wise Show
  9. Ted and Ralph (Drinking Game) - The Fast Show
  10. Good Aids/Bad Aids - Brass Eye
#8 features Eric and Ernie making breakfast to the tune of The Stripper and is very funny.

I've just been having a look at Rowling's official site, and it's pretty cool. The News section hasn't been updated since January but I guess she's been busy producing books and children.


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