Friday, April 08, 2005

A Soggy Day to End the Week.

Mutterings continued.

It's been raining on and off for most of the day, which is nice. I think it's nice, anyway.

The Fight the Bull site has announced its Manure Madness Shining Beacon of Business Idiocy Award. McKesson, a pharmaceutical manufacturer, was the outright winner because of statements such as these:
"A recent study by the Healthcare Distribution Management Association identified the important value provided ... through superior delivery logistics ... and phenomenal operating efficiencies combined with innovative valueadding services."
"As a result of our recent organizational changes, continued focus on operating efficiencies and expense controls, favorable market conditions, comprehensive solutions to address healthcare's need to improve quality and reduce cost, product innovation and strategic initiatives, we believe McKesson is well positioned for sustained growth."
"While we continue to leverage our cost structure through expense controls and productivity programs, Pharmaceutical Solutions operating margin rate and operating profit came under pressure as a result of reduced product sourcing opportunities and lower pricing to customers. To stabilize margins, we are executing proactive programs to address both the profit that we earn from the services we provide to our manufacturer partners and our pricing to customers."


I've just seen a preview of the American version of The Office. Hmmmm.

And I've just seen a preview for the movie, Bewitched. Seems it's a movie about the retooling of the series for 00's, where Samantha really is a witch. Or something.

I had lunch with school chum, Genette, today. Yiros with chicken and Secret Garden's evil chips. Mmm, still full.

And finally, you must, must, must go and have a look at Leece's alphabet bestiary - it's stunning!


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