Friday, April 15, 2005

Working at Home Day

Mutterings continued.

I have a medical certificate for today, however I spent most of it researching and writing a few articles and a newsletter. I had the Foxtel light classical station on in the background and it was very pleasant indeed. And quiet!

The back of my right hand is bruised from the doctor's efforts yesterday to get a vein. Couldn't get one in the inner elbow either - he and the nurse had problems with both arms. It sort of hurt when the needle finally went in but at least he warned me it would.

I've been receiving phone calls from people with Indian accents trying to sell me alternative phone providers. It's getting easier to tell what the phone call is going to be about, even before they start talking, as there's a pause between me saying 'Hello' and them answering. The silence also sounds odd, if that makes sense - it's the silence you get when someone rings you on speakerphone and they turn it off before they reply to you. And this means it's easier to hang up on them without them trying to engage you in conversation.

Tomorrow Leece and Rob are spending the day shooting things at the sky (which, as far as I know, never did anything to them) at AstroFest.

Loony stuff up for sale on Ebay:
APPERITIONS CAPTURED / 8 march 2005 ONE chance

A snip at only $150,000.00 (plus $5 postage).


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