Wednesday, April 13, 2005

A Day for Experimenting with Teas

Mutterings continued.

No food today, except for the occasional barley sugar and jelly. I went shopping this morning, resisting completely the donut shop, and brought home some rather strange Lipton's teas - cookies and cream (surprisingly nice), green tea with mint and raspberry, strawberry and something else. I have trouble drinking black tea and coffee unless they are very weak, but can manage a flavoured tea. I'll try the raspberry etc tea in a little while.

After watching a great new show on the ABC last night, I have come to the conclusion that I am a Grumpy Old Man. "Getting a handpicked collection of grumpy, world-weary blokes to gripe on given subjects may not sound like a very promising premise for a TV show but there was plenty to enjoy here. The show side-stepped political correctness and tapped a rich vein of sardonic, eloquent and well informed grumpiness that got right to the nub of each issue.

The grumpy old men included, amongst others, Arthur Smith, Will Self, John Peel, Rick Wakeman and Jeremy Clarkson. The subject matter up for discussion ranged from Pop Idol to Tony Blair to mobile phones to Christmas and beyond. Geoffrey Palmer provided a wry, understated narration which kept the pace even."

It's a hoot and judging by comments on and iinet.general, a lot of people my age agree with their comments.

On last night's ep of Home From Home, a show about holiday home swapping, one couple went from Perth to the UK via container ship. It took a month and it certainly wasn't luxurious but I think I'd like to try it. There was lots of booze, apparently, and no entertainment, but take a portable DVD player, lots of disks, books, etc, and I think it would be a cool way of getting from here to there. They went via Singapore and the Suez Canal.

Snipped from a post by JMS on the moderated ng: "So starting sometime probably next week, the week of the 11th, and from time to time over the next month or so, keep an eye on Ebay. (I'm playing with the idea of doing this chronologically, from the earliest stuff to the latter stuff, but I don't know if I'm disciplined enough for that.) I likely won't put this stuff up every day, only when and as I think of it. So you may have days pass with nothing, then a day when four or five items go up. The Ebay user ID is babylon5auctions. Once I've cleared out enough room to actually see the floor again, the auctions will stop and that user ID will go away."

And the goodies will include: "There are the actual script books I used during production, into which
I shoved the script I was working on, the breakdowns, shooting
schedules, any storyboards that were needed...the whole thing, in one
book per episode, some of which still have my original notations.

There are episodic dailies tapes, with takes and bits not previously
seen anywhere, posters, publicity material, a ton of stuff.

Props from the show, from my personal collection, where I have doubles
or just no place for them anymore."

Woo!! Up for sale is the actual, orginal, one and only, Londo Mollari action figure that was used in There All Honour Lies. And it has a companion G'Kar figure. The bids are up to US$405; lord knows what they will get to!!


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