Tuesday, April 12, 2005

A Bland Day - Food-Wise

Mutterings continued.

Tomorrow it's no food at all, today it was exciting stuff like tea and coffee with no milk, no fruit, no vegies, nothing with grains in it, no red meat. Sigh. Breakfast was a couple of slices of white toast with Vegemite, lunch was some crackers with tuna. I found some camomile tea bags in a container so I've been drinking that. The last time I had a colonoscopy I od'd on ginger and lemon tea - never want to touch it again!

I've just ordered a throw pillow from the Leece Collection - the design is her fabulous alphabet bestiary.

The more I read of the Planet Magrathea review of HHGttG, the more depressed I get. Here he lists things not in the film, ie the funny things.

Today I wrote a story about the Zoo carousel and another about spiders. Ick. It's very hard to sound enthusiastic about something when they make your skin crawl and your toes turn under. But some people like them.


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