Monday, April 11, 2005

Back to Work Day.

Mutterings continued.

A nice day, weather-wise, and I got a fair bit of writing done. I'm still writing six stories all at once but at least I'm getting to the end of all of them. I still have four or five others to write, however.

Spoiler alert: HHGttG test screening reviews. Some good some not. I'm still in two minds as to whether I really want to see this.

Soupy twist! There's been some discussion on The Mausoleum Club forum about new Fry and Laurie episodes. One poster replied, "As for whether they'd do it again, Hugh's currently a bit busy in America in Fox's medical drama House. Which is at present beating all opposition, including (I had to laugh) NBC's version of The Office. So if it continues to do so, that's ten months of every year filled up for him." Pity.

My first and only comment on the wedding of Charles and Camilla Park and Ride - she's a slapper, he's an arsehole, they deserve each other and will they please go away. One further thing - Richard III was the last decent royal and that's only because he tried to do away with the rest of the family. Well, in Shakespeare's universe he did. A lot of odd things happened in Will's universe.

I heard a great item about Ravi Shankar on Newsradio on Sat. morning. I love sitar music and he is damn good. His daughter, Norah Jones, isn't bad either.


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