Saturday, April 16, 2005

A Money Well Spent (I hope) Day

Mutterings continued.

It's Saturday, the weather is nice (25c with possibility of showers later) and I've got all my shopping done. I'll do a bit of blogging, bit of surfing, and then get stuck into the housework.

I'm doing a fish supper for dinner tonight - I found a nice recipe for fish and chips with a difference that I'm going to try. I bought some very nice looking shark pieces - lay them on a tray, cover with a mixture of breadcrumbs, Dijon mustard and herbs, bung in the oven and cook until the topping is brown. The spuds are cut into wedges, sprayed with olive oil and a dash of salt and also bunged in the oven. And to keep the 'by the seaside' flavour of the meal, we're having ice cream cornets (Peter's Flake Drumsticks [I know the name 'Drumstick' is now owned by Nestles but I don't care!]).

Time to admit that I have a mirror blog with.....gasp!.....MSN. I've whined about the unreliability of Blogspot and decided to do a mirror just in case Blogger loses my posts, as is it's wont. The MSN space is rather nice and has a scrollable picture gallery.

On to today's purchases: I was considering the 'miracle' being offered on Ebay, however as the seller couldn't guarantee that it was actually Jesus and the Pope in the pictures, I decided to pass. While strolling through the front entrance of K Mart, I saw a bin full of really cheap, really bad DVDs. Bad except for one - it was Michael Caine/Christopher Reeves's Deathtrap. I remember it as being a rather fun movie, and at $5, you can't really go wrong. I then mooched up to the DVD section, had a peer (that's a 'peer') in the boxed set cabinets and spotted Space:1999, the complete set of 6 (I think) disks for $24.99. Bargain! I'm a huge Martin Landau fan and I really must get around to seeing Ed Wood with Mr L and Mr Depp.

And then it was on to Dick Smith's to buy myself a DVD recorder. It was $299 and is apparently easy to use (we'll see). I bought some el cheapo disks to practice on.


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