Saturday, April 23, 2005

Happy St George's Day Day

Mutterings continued.

And in keeping with the English celebration, it's overcast and damp outside. Hurrah!

I have bought yet another toy - a digital camera. I'm probably the last person I know to actually own one (other than my father who still thinks digital watches are a pretty neat idea). It's similar to the one I use at work, which means I actually know how to operate the thing. On the plus side, the one at work needs a reader; mine has a much smaller card and a USB cable that plugs directly into the PC. On the down side, it means having to drag the tower out of its cubby hole in my desk so I can get at the back where the USB slot is. Why, oh why, oh why do all the bits you have to get at be placed where you can't get at them?? Why can't they put them in the top or the front?

No L and R tonight, they're off gaming, so tomorrow is a virtual Saturday. I'm doing dessert, something that involves waffles, apples and ice cream, I think.

I'm taking Dad for a drive up to Yanchep tomorrow for a picnic. Which reminds me, must do a Whereis destination search to see how long it will take. Hmmm.......1 hour 40 minutes? I think we can do better than that.


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