Sunday, April 24, 2005

Sunny Sunday Day

Mutterings continued.

Feels a little warmer than the 21c predicted, but it's rather nice.

We didn't end up going to Yanchep for lunch, we went to my brother's place instead. Good thing too as he had a visit from a huge flock of white-tailed black cockatoos. My car ended up covered in gum blossom but I didn't care. I think the rest of the family thought I was peculiar because I spent ages just staring up at them. Gotta love Calyptorhynchus! I tried to take some pics with the new digital camera, who has yet to be given a name but give me time, but the birds were so well camouflaged I think I just got a lot of leaves.

I've been doing a little more transferring of stuff from tapes to disk - last night it was Ted and Alice with Dawn French, Stephen Tompkinson and David Troughton as a rather evil alien bounty hunter (he hunted aliens, he wasn't one himself). It was a rather under-rated series that I found just lovely. But then I'm a great fan of Ms French too. And David Walliams from Little Britain was in it!

More intriguing spam - I've decided that the only way to cope with spam is to not get annoyed, just dump it, trash it and occasionally try to work out what the more obscure ones are trying to sell. Just received one in Japanese characters with a photo of a professional looking European lady in it. Judging by the headers, I think it was for bank loans but I could be wrong.


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