Friday, April 29, 2005

The Day at the end of the (short) Working Week

Mutterings continued.

Looks like rain, but we've been promised it all week.

Rather nice day today. Called by the baboons to see the new bub - we only saw a little bit of black being cuddled by mum, so we assumed it was the young 'un. I had to interview one of the keepers for the magazine today at the echidna enclosure. The critters were all tucked up in their burrows (they are nocturnal), though Blue woke up, stuck her snout up, had a sniff and went back to sleep. Very cute.

L and R went to see HH last night and enjoyed it very much, if their reviews are anything to go by.

I hadn't called by for a while and have spent a bit of time catching up. There are some very funny things posted. The one for today is especially good. And this one.

It's my turn to cook tomorrow night and I think steak and kidney pie is on the menu.


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