Wednesday, April 27, 2005

A Day Spent with Power Point

Mutterings continued.

I've been creating a PP presentation for the boss for the last couple of days. I'm having fun tracking down obscure photos.

I got the latest Foxtel magazine yesterday and was thrilled to see that Green Wing commences in June. Yay!

Grumpy Old Men was very funny last night - they grumped on about food, phones, banks, and all the other daily irritations in life.

I'm not going to Retro's tonight; I'm rather tired, my eyes hurt and I don't think I can face the Freeway traffic. And here's me with a lovely new Leece-designed cushion that I won't be able to show off. Bwahaha! Leece did suggest that I just send the cushion but I don't think its feet will reach the pedals. Come to think of it, I don't think cushions have feet...

The trailer for Serenity has gone up at It looks good. "It's worse than you know." "It usually is."


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