Thursday, June 23, 2005


Mutterings continued.

There I was, on the balcony surrounded by straw, which I was stuffing into Guy, when the wind came up, the skies went black and little bits of ice fell from the sky. The hail melted as soon as it hit the surface but it was impressive while it lasted.

I did a fair bit of driving around this morning and the weather was filthy; roads were flooded and the windows kept fogging up. I got to wear my very attractive red raincoat, however.

I finally finished Guy this afternoon; it was as difficult as I thought it would be. He's buckling a bit at the knees so I'll have to see what the director thinks of him. He doesn't really bend in the middle, so I'm wondering if he'll fit in the car. He'll just have to lie down on the back seat. Rehearsals tonight so it will be another late night.


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