Friday, June 17, 2005


Mutterings continued.

Friday nights are good; Friday nights before a long weekend are better; Friday nights before two weeks hols are the best. Well, Friday nights before going on leave and then heading overseas are the best, but as I won't be doing that for a while, two weeks will have to do.

I got a phone call from the Post Office today - I'd emailed them to see if they had any old telegram envelopes going spare. Turns out they don't but the very nice man said he would send me a couple of other coloured envelopes (I'm chasing buff, he only had red and green) to use as templates. "You'll send them back?" he asked hopefully. "Well, actually, I was thinking of taking them apart and using them as templates." I replied. "Ok, you can have them then."

Apparently they're the only telegram envelopes left in captivity! Well, on the west coast anyway.

I've downloaded a template to make gas mask boxes, then realised that all the photos I've seen have been in black and white! I has no idea what colour they were until I found a few sites on the net with colour photos. They were made from ordinary brown cardboard, BTW.

Batman Begins has been getting some decent reviews - Margaret gave it four stars, David three and a half. I like Christian Bale's work a lot.


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