Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Cold, grey, but not unpleasant Tuesday

Mutterings continued.

Nightingale Director Pat and Wardrobe person Shirley are off of the Army Museum tomorrow for props, uniforms and stuff. Sounds like a fascinating place. Here's hoping they can find some gas masks (I'm stressing about finding gas masks!!).

I won the Evening in Paris perfume bottle on Ebay - a whole $8, including postage! Yay!

I finally got to watch Shaun of the Dead the other night. Very funny stuff, particularly the scene in which Shaun's party, heading for the pub, meet up with a party of identical types coming in the opposite direction (one of whom was the wonderful Tamsin Greig).

Over at moviemistakes.com it seems that Harry Potter and Chamber of Secrets has racked up an impressive 286 mistakes. Pirates of the Carribean and Prisoner of Azkaban only have 277 and 275 respectively.


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