Sunday, June 05, 2005

Sunny, then wet, then sunny Sunday

Mutterings continued.

The day started out very foggy but cleared by 9am. Dad and I had our picnic at Mundaring Weir - see photos below. On the way home it poured with rain but stopped as soon as we hit the flat ground at the bottom of Greenmount Hill.

Had a good night last night - pea soup, home made bread and tasty cheese (not home made) and choc goodies from Miss Maud's. And Stargate and Rah Xephon and MST3K. It will be my last Saturday for a while - R and L have gaming next Sat night and I've got rehearsals and the play itself. Eeek!!

Got a few more props today - some beer glasses and tin ashtrays (3 for $2, bargain!).

And here are some amusing reviews on If only they were real.


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