Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Props Buying Day

Mutterings continued.

Went to the Op shop after work and got some bargains - I bought some dark blue pants for the guy; a rather nice wicker basket ($5); grey blanket; grey wool and a set of four needles (for knitting socks). I also had a bit of a win last night - I managed to find a replica sad news telegram on the internet from 1944, so now I know what the Post Office logo and telegram looked like. I have to make 11 of them.

For some reason AV2 on my telly/entertainment centre thing isn't working. AV2 is supposed to be the VCR channel however all I get is a blue screen. I think I've pressed a button or something but can't work out what I've done. I'll check the leads later; maybe something has come adrift.


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