Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Day Before the Day Before the Weekend

Mutterings continued.

Rather warm today; walking to the Thai restaurant at lunchtime was most pleasant. I had crispy chicken and rice. Mmmm, crispy chicken. I did the right thing and had steamed rice, which was quite bland really. The crispy chicken was just that, no sauce or anything.

I am really taken with the coffee pot and sugar bowl I won on Ebay. I'd love to get some more but it's raaather expensive. Oooh, there's a rather nice vase going on Ebay in the US... Only US$9.99. Shipping would be the killer, I suspect.

It seems that Dad's move back to the Village has been a good one. He's put on 9kg (he dropped down to 63kg) and is enjoying the socialising. And he's been asked to do whatever he wants with the garden next to his unit and the Village will pay for the plants.

I hurtied my foot today. I couldn't understand why my next to little toe on the left foot was hurting so much; took my shoe and sock off to discover lots of blood (when I say 'lots' I mean some). Seems my little toe toenail had been cutting into its next door neighbour. Ouch.

Anybody want a 17" monitor? The damn thing is taking up half my kitchen table! It has speakers if anyone's interested.

Much amusements in the Blak Yak Theatre newsletter. Here's an ad for their forthcoming production:

"More importantly, Blak Yak’s next production looms larger than Amanda Vandstone’s dismissal (and you thought I was going to say her belly). Picasso at the Lapin Agile is an hilarious comedy by Steve Martin yes, that Steve Martin. Yes, the actor. He also writes plays. What, you didn’t know that? And you thought there could be nothing educational in another smutty Blak Yak newsletter.

How many times have you heard hyperbole like “an hilarious comedy”? Well this time it’s true. I saw a production of Picasso… a few years ago and nearly wet myself. Granted, that’s not an uncommon occurrence, but for a change I wasn’t alone. (Now there’s a disturbing mental image.) It’s exceedingly clever, witty, and laugh-out-loud funny. I’m so sure you’ll love the show that if you don’t I guarantee to refund your money - and that’s a Krusty promise.*

“But what’s it about,” You say? “Who cares, as long as it’s got sex, violence, partial nudity, recreational drug use and gratuitous bad language,” answers director, Tim Edwards. “The script itself doesn’t have any of those things, but the President is pressuring me to throw them in to get some more ticket sales. Anyway, here’s the official description:”
Paris 1904. Or to be exact, Montmartre, that haven of the artist and the bohemian. A world of art, a world of ideas, a world of passion. A world fuelled by wine and absinthe.

On the corner of rue Saint Vincent and rue des Saules still stands today that famous bar, Le Lapin Agile.

Steve Martin’s Picasso at the Lapin Agile explores the idea of what would happen if two geniuses - Albert Einstein and Pablo Picasso - heady with wine and inspiration, were to meet just as each was about to turn the world on its head. Einstein with his Special Theory of Relativity and Picasso with Cubism.
A witty and comic look at the birth of the modern age, Einstein and Picasso with a bar full of wacky patrons ruminate on what the next 100 years will bring.

Picasso at the Lapin Agile is a funny, fascinating and occasionally thought-provoking exploration of the century just ended from the point of view of characters for whom it is only just beginning.

The show will be staged at The Sun Room, corner of Sixth Ave & Whatley Cres, Maylands (where we presented Red Dwarf II Kryten in 2004), on June 3, 4, 8, 10, 11, 15, 17, 18 at 8pm. The venue and seating will be arranged in the style of a Parisian café, and the venue will be licensed. Tickets are $15 and $12 concession, and reservations can be made on 0500 52 52 59 (seating is limited so early bookings are encouraged). "


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