Saturday, May 21, 2005

Sitting in the Library

Mutterings continued.

It's sorta wet outside, my computer is still kaput, and I'm sitting the South Perth library using one of their rather fast machines. I have an hour and it's free!

Looks like my pc needs a new motherboard and HDD. Ah well.

No shiny thing shopping today, just cat food, etc. I did buy a couple of magazines, which sort of count as shiny things as they have nice shiny covers. One is on British history and I'm hoping it will have some inspiration for The Play (see below).

I had a meeting during the week with Pat (directory) and Shirley (wardrobe) re props etc for 'Nightingale'. Blimey! Anybody got a spare gas mask or two, C1940, they can lend me?? And a 40s radio??

Off to Cottesloe tonight for dins at the Marco Polo before the usual night's viewing at my place. Weather isn't looking too promising, however.

Better head off home and do a bit of housework. I don't have a robot vacuum cleaner, unlike some people.


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