Sunday, May 15, 2005

A Wet Sunday Afternoon.

Mutterings continued.

The kind of day to stay inside, drink tea or hot chocolate and write letters.

I've just come back from Dad's - we had a very nice roast beef and vegies lunch, followed by mango sponge and custard.

On a more serious note, there is NO justification for the hunting of whales, particularly the humpback species. From Sen. Bob Brown:

Humpback defence must be resolute – Greens

15th May 05

A resumption of humpback whaling by Japan would cause a huge public revulsion and revolt in Australia, Greens Senator Bob Brown said today.

"Governments on both sides of the Tasman will need to consider punitive action against Japan, including suspension of any talks on free trade agreements and a challenge in international courts. After all, killing humpbacks will impact on whale refuges as well as the tourism industry in the Southern Hemisphere", Senator Brown said.

"This great mammal was almost sent to extinction. We must not let it become a Japanese harpoon target again. But this will test the Howard Government which is set on a free trade agreement with Tokyo. No free trade agreement should be set in blood.

"The Greens in Australia and New Zealand will coordinate a trans-Tasman action plan if Japan succeeds in overturning Humpback protection", Senator Brown said after talks this morning with New Zealand Greens parliamentary co-leader Jeanette Fitzsimons.
Further information: Ben Oquist 0419704095

Did I mention that I won an art deco-style Villeroy and Bosh coffee pot and sugar bowl on Ebay? There was no indication in the auction as to what pattern it was, just a photo. Turns out it's V and B's Iris pattern. There's a coffeepot on offer at for US$109 and a sugar bowl for US$59.99. I paid $20 for both items. It's not real art deco, of course, but is rather gorgeous.

Had a good night last night - risotto (yum!), banana split with Vienetta ice cream, a badly dubbed Hercules (Frank AND Joel, hurrah! Tom's arms blew off!!), a very good Stargate:Atlantis, an also good Battlestar G and an intermittent Rah Xephon.


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