Wednesday, May 11, 2005

A Touch of Flu Day

Mutterings continued.

Sniffly, headachey, queasy, hot. Could be a cold coming on. I had my flu shot this arvo but I don't think the two things are related.

I saw one of the Painted Dog pups. Talk about cute. There are 6 pups; four males, two females, which is a good ratio. In the wild, the males stay together and join an unrelated female to form a pack, while the females wander off and form their own harems.

In Monday's night's episode of Mythbusters, the guys set out to discover just what will stop a bullet from items fabled to have 'stopping' powers - a bible, pack of cards and a Zippo lighter. Jamie, the one with the walrus moustache, hit a Zippo lighter dead centre, from I don't know how far away. With a Dirty Harry magnum. He threw it at it. Not really. While thick books, such as bibles, may stop smaller calibre bullets, nothing stops the Magnum! Except the bullet resistant glass they hide behind each week when they make things go boom.

My work PC chucked a major wobbly this morning and decided to corrupt its profile files, which meant that it lost all my settings. IT had to redo it from scratch.

One of the Ed staff and I, while wandering back from having our flu shots, stood in the viewing bay of the elephant enclosure to watch the training regimen. We were nearly clocked by half a Bunya pine cone that hit the decking a few inches from us with a massive bang.

More reasons not to watch The Bill:

"Adam has to deal with the aftermath of his family’s fatal car crash and when things
couldn’t get any worse he gets more bad news.

Following Honey’s shock marriage to murderer Scott there are more surprises to come."

And the production company is boasting that the series won Best Storyline and Best Dramatic Performance - British Soap Awards 2005.

It's raining - lovely! Forecast of hail tonight, though I would have thought a min. temp. of 16c too warm.

I've been spending more money at - the scripts of the last three series of HHGTTG and the CD of the Quintessential Phase. Neither have yet been published so I'm getting in (very) early.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL - The Bill just goes from bad to worse. Police content zero, soap content 100%. Ack! -- Tav

5:26 pm  

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