Thursday, May 05, 2005


Mutterings continued.

Cool, huh?

I had a CT scan today - interesting experience. I had to get to the clinic an hour early to drink a contrast fluid (makes the intestines sort of opaque so that the other organs can be determined). The actual scan only took a few minutes. I was injected with dye which I was told could leave a taste in my mouth (it didn't) and make me feel rather warm 'down there' (it did!). A couple of passes through the doughnut and it was over. The technician had a bit of trouble with the needle in my arm - it came out ok, he just couldn't stop the bleeding. So he stood there with a band-aidy thing on it and his thumb clamped over it for about a minute. Took the bandaidy thing off later and the padding was full of blood. Yikes. I get the results tomorrow afternoon.

5 Things your Cat knows about You

  1. You are bigger than they are:

    This they discovered the first time you accidentally stepped on them.

  2. You are a great source of food:

    And it must amaze cats, who no doubt see us as ponderous, clawless buffoons with a bowling ball's brain and a physique to match, yet every day we supply them with tasty cat food.

  3. You are easily manipulated:

    Walk a mile in your cat's collar and you'll see that you are the proverbial pushover. Your needs as far as your cat goes are simple: the desire to be loved; the desire to sleep undisturbed, and to figure out your taxes without meows, yelps, and howls from the help of a furry-footed paper-scattering critter.

  4. You are slower than they are:

    They can click on their power-booster jet rockets and fly into another room in a blur and hide in a spot in our house you don't know exists and can never find.

  5. You aren't particularly bright:

    A cat knows the true meaning of life, but he's not sharing the secret with us - he knows when he's got a good thing going.


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