Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Must Be Wednesday

Mutterings continued.

'cos I'm full of Nachos and lime spider. I played with my spider a little too much and the froth threatened to envelope the table. Judicious use of a straw and sucking noises put an end to that!

It was the final episode of Grumpy Old Men last night, dammit. Bob Geldof's rant against having to attend school assemblies was very funny. He's right - they are rubbish!

Visited the post office down the road this morning to see what two parcels were waiting for me - turns out it was two copies of a magazine I'd subscribed to; one addressed to me and the other to "Belinda" Smith of the same address. Obviously the person who took my complaint a month ago subscribed me (after not quite hearing my name correctly). I've only paid for one sub so it will be interesting to see what happens in the coming months.

And the other card for the other post office was for my Oxfam goodies - two lovely Indian rugs and a cushion cover. The cattledog is here. I ordered the cotton cat and geometric design dhurries and a red raw silk cushion cover.

I spent a few minutes this morning watching baboon babies. The young 'un is very strong and quite independent even though he is only 7 days old. His 1 year old brother is being horrible, just like all kids who have been displaced in the pecking order.

More odd spam - Korean, I think, and it features a cartoon of a very strange looking girl in a balloon with a telescope to her ear. I think it's her ear, it certainly isn't her eye!


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