Monday, May 09, 2005

Another Monday

Mutterings continued.

Quiet day in which I got a bit done. The magazine articles are with my director for more editing; when they come back to me it's off to the Design Dept to make all pretty. Apart from the odd correction to what has already been written, I'm hoping that there are no more articles for me to write.

From the Oh Dear files: "
Record bid falls flat

A British team's bid to break the world speed record for an electric car was abandoned - because it wouldn't start."

"Bears fed chocolate

Bears in Romania are being fed chocolate to keep them away from local villages.

The bears wander into villages and raid bins where they eat leftover sweets and chocolate.

They also terrorise residents and attack livestock, reports Romanian daily Cotidianul.

The local hunters' association in the Covasna region has now started mixing chocolate into animal feed and distributing it in forests.

They hope the bears won't need to come into the villages if they can satisfy their cravings in the woods." I go anywhere for chocolate too.

"You love your cat. You hate his litter tray. If only you could have one without the other.

With the new Litter-KwitterTM Cat Toilet-Training System you can train your cat to use a normal toilet just like you. No more mess, no more germs, no more hassle." Yeah, but will the cat flush afterwards? I think not!


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