Thursday, May 12, 2005

A Wet, Dry, Wet, Dry Day

Mutterings continued.

Nice drop of rain this morning and a short, sharp downpour this arvo. The sun came out at lunch time and it got rather warm. Had Thai noodles for lunch, BTW.

Pat, director of A Nightingale Sang (GRADS next production) dropped a script off for me yesterday. From what I've read it's pretty funny; Pat is great to work with so I'm looking forward to it.

Just placed an Ebay bid on some interesting white animal figurines - there's a lovely weasel, giraffe, penguin and a bull. I'm especially taken with the weasel. There's a couple of hours to go on the auction, so I'll see tomorrow if I got 'em.

Forgot to mention that I had a look at my new office yesterday. It's got books! Shelves and shelves of books! And journals. Just like a real library. And a walk-in stationery cupboard.


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