Friday, May 13, 2005

An Interesting Day


More rain!

Even more rain!

A dusky moorhen

It absolutely bucketed down this morning. It was rather fabulous and then the sun came out and the sky turned blue and then it rained again.

And then I met Eustace, the Squirrel Glider, who walked all over me. He whiffled in my ear and chewed on my hair and peed on my shoulder.

Well, I didn't get the animal figurines, knew I should have logged on just before the auction closed. Ah well. Got myself an art deco pencil case for $15, but. It's a tri-level, wooden one; something I've wanted for a looong time.

Really silly joke: Police arrested two kids yesterday.
One was drinking battery acid, the other was eating fireworks.
They charged one and let the other one off.

As if the heavy rains didn't make it difficult enough for commuters, this happened: Burst water main causing traffic chaos

PERTH commuters are facing an afternoon of traffic chaos after a burst water main completely blocked three southbound lanes of the city's main freeway.

At 3pm, traffic was backed up around 5km, and a Main Roads spokeswoman said there was no prospect of a quick re-opening of the freeway.

A Water Corporation spokeswoman said the 1m-diameter main water pipe burst about 1pm near the Mill Point Road turn-off, just south of the CBD.

Around 15 kilolitres of water spilled from the burst pipe, the equivalent of seven Olympic-size swimming pools, and the road was reported to be covered to a depth of about a half a metre.

A semi-trailer was stuck in the water, further delaying repair efforts, and some businesses in the South Perth area were evacuated because of the risk of flooding.


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