Saturday, May 28, 2005

Cloudy Saturday

Mutterings continued.

Supposed to be 25c today - it's about 20c at the moment and doesn't feel like it's getting any warmer.

Today's shiny thing purchase was a surge protector power board thingie. Protects against lightning strikes and telephone line surges, apparently. After having two mother boards/HDDs zapped by lightning I thought it was about time I got a decent surge protector.

Also bought some socks. And a pastry brush and rather cool-looking vegie peeler.

I'm cooking dins tonight and I'm trying another recipe from The Pasta Bible - Farfalle with Meat Sauce and Yoghurt. The meat sauce is a combination of beef and pork mince, celery, capsicum, paprika, onions and mint and the yoghurt has garlic and mint in it. Looks nice, quick to make, hope it tastes ok.

Off army surplus and op shop shopping in a little while.


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