Monday, May 30, 2005

Sandal Day

Mutterings continued.

Another warmish, albeit overcast, day. Def. sandal-wearing day.

I'm going back to my old/changed job next Tuesday and today I spent the day with my replacement. I was losing my voice by this afternoon.

I went walkies this morning and just KNEW I should have taken my camera. Popped in on the lions and watched Alistair playing with the enrichment device - he had sunk his teeth into the hessian bag and wasn't letting go. Strolled by the baboons and watched the baby jumping around and generally enjoying itself. Taye was being his usual utter loon and spinning around in circles with a stick in his hand.

This afternoon, one of the spider monkeys was hanging from lord-knows-what on a palm tree by the very tip of his tale. He was playing with a branch of eucalypt that had been put into the enclosure for enrichment.

The mirror site for the very funny Foamy cartoons. I love the coffee shop rant.

I've been doing some more '40s research. I found a couple of pages with English bank notes of the time - I'm not sure of the dimensions. I think they were larger than notes today. And Director Pat sent me a graphic of a ration book.


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