Sunday, May 29, 2005

Summer's Last Gasp

Mutterings continued.

Winter starts next week; today, however, it was 28c. No wonder I had to turn on the air con in the car.

Had lunch at Dad's - we ate with the rest of the residents and had a most wonderful roast pork meal. Crackling, apple sauce, spuds, peas, pumpkin, cauliflower cheese, followed by bread and butter pudding - all for $5 for me.

Then Dad and I took a trip to the local garden centre for some potting mix. He found a large bag of the good stuff on a shelf that was marked $6.95. Bargain, we thought. Turns out it was actually $12.95 but the assistant gave it to him for $6.95. And she carried it to the car for us.

On the was home I called into a Collectors' Fair at the Sth Perth Civic Centre. I was looking for props but didn't find anything useful. I've ordered some stuff from a memorabilia shop in the UK -- rations books, ID papers, that sort of thing.

Last night's MST3K had us in tears of laughter. I don't know what it was about the glasses cleaning scene but it really hit a chord - Leece nearly choked on her choc cake, and Rob and I just howled.

My pasta dish turned out quite well - the yoghurt and garlic topping was most yum. And the pear and chocolate cake and choc custard horns were very nice. More than nice, actually.

I very much enjoyed Ticket To Ride. I held of saying, "Been there" for as long as I could, much to Leece's distress. She said she was waiting for me to say it and I was putting her off her game. If only!


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