Thursday, June 02, 2005

We have a baby rhino!

Mutterings continued.

Born on the weekend; he'll probably be on display to the public in a couple of weeks.

I put the blanket I bought yesterday on the kitchen table with the other props and Milo has decided to sit on it. And Gus has decided to raid the rubbish bin. Cats!

The sky has gone a peculiar yellowish colour - it's all very sepia out there at the moment.

Nearly 100 whales beached themselves south of Perth today. One has died but it looks as though the rest have been coaxed back into the water. Fingers crossed.

I'm looking forward to making the prop money for Nightingale - not! The five pound notes were huuuge and made from what was known as onion skin; very thin, flimsy stuff. I think I'll use tracing paper instead - not quite the same but easier to handle.

"Guests take a dip in beer pool

An Austrian holiday resort is offering guests the chance to swim in a pool containing 42,000 pints of beer." That's Austrian not Australian.


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