Saturday, June 11, 2005

Saturday - wet and windy day

Mutterings continued.

Did a fair bit of prop shopping today. I bought a black box that will do nicely as a box of Rowntree's Black Magic chocs; some buttons with which to create cufflinks; and other bits and pieces. I got caught up in the lunch time Cannington melee - must have been Stupid Driver Day today judging by the number of people who didn't realise that stopping across intersections and across two lanes of traffic actually exacerbates the problem.

Today's shiny thing purchase was one box set of DVDs (McGyver, first series) and one BBC Miss Marple (Murder at the Vicarage, the one with Derek Jacobi and Jason Flemyng). The Marple was $18.99, $6 cheaper than the ABC Shop which I'd rather support but not at those prices.

I've given up on Hello software and have uploaded some pics to the Iinet server. Uploading one 500k photo to Iinet takes 3 minutes but at least it's working. Intermittently.

The obvious sexual dimorphism of White-cheeked Gibbons - that's her on the right.

One of the Painted Dog pups.

Firefox has decided to die on me and it seems I'm not the only one as there are several posters in iinet.general who are having problems. I'm having to use IE, which I don't like as it's full of security holes, but it's the only brower working at the moment. Looks as though Iinet is stuffed too; I keep getting "Cannot connect to remote server" error messages.


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