Wednesday, June 22, 2005

No mutterings yesterday; mutterings today

Mutterings continued.

Busy day yesterday; in the morning I visited Director Pat and we went through the props list. I managed to supplement my meagre store from her cupboards - she has a lot of stuff, but then she's been in the theatre game for a long time. She worked with Timothy West when he was Director-in-Residence at the Dolphin.

Last night was a rehearsal and I didn't get home until 11.30pm. No rehearsals tonight, hurrah! I will, however be making more props. Monday night was spent watching Mythbusters and making red, white and blue bunting.

And today has been spent spending more money. Nabbed a nice looking Army-style duffle bag for $14.95 from the local Army surplus. And today's shiny thing purchase was a new printer; my old one finally died after spitting out increasingly odd copies. And I also bought myself a DVD labeller thingie, which includes software, lots of labels and a whatsit to help put the labels on the disks.

Two parcels recieved yesterday - three very old milk bottles (one imperial pint) that will come in handy some day and two cd and one tape sets of HHGTTG - Primary, Secondary and Quintessential Phases. Pity I don't have a cassette player. I did try to order the cd version however the Amazon site refused to let me amend my order. Ah well.


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