Sunday, June 26, 2005


Spent about 7 hours at the theatre this afternoon/evening. As well as setting props, I will be moving furniture on and off the set.

This morning I went to the Stock Road Markets to see if there were any goodies on offer but I was most disappointed. I did find a great bookshop which has a wonderful drama section. They had 3 copies of the BBC Tempest book! And Richard 2. I got Winter's Tale for $5, as well as William Shakespeare 1564 - 1964 and a book of Stoppard's radio plays (including The Dog it was That Died). Good haul! I will have to go back as I have a yen to own as many of the BBCs as I can.

George the Guy, in the wings, awaiting his cue. Posted by Hello

There's some good telly coming up on UKTV next month - Foyle's War and Murder in Mind with David Suchet.


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