Friday, June 24, 2005

Hols, Day 5.

Mutterings continued.

Had a very useful trip to an antique shop in North Perth this morning. A couple of the Nightingale cast are friends with the owner of the shop and one of them did a bit of a deal on a vintage (I originally wrote 'antique' but as it's not over 100 years, it's only vintage) radio. Nice bakelite and it works! The valves take a while to warm up but it actually tunes in. Couldn't find FM, but.

And the WA Academy of Performing Arts has come up trumps with three gas masks. I'll probably still have to make the boxes, but that's the easy part. And George the Guy, who should get his own bio in the programme, was acceptable to the director. He's called George after the character in the play who makes him and is told that he looks like him on his wedding day.

Not very good shot of yesterday's hail storm. Posted by Hello


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