Friday, July 15, 2005

A Dull Life

Mutterings continued.

Left work early after feeling decidedly odd - very lightheaded and tingly in the fingers. Still not 100%. Not sure if it's residual effects from the chest infection (I'm still very rumbly and crackly in the lungs) or side effects from the new drugs. The last time I felt this odd, I had viral labyrinthitis. Fortunately, this doesn't seem to have eventuated.

At the bottom on the right hand menu of this page is a list of referring sites - it appears that someone visited this blog after doing a search on Dogpile for spanking. I don't actually recall writing about spanking...

The residents of the units here got a letter yesterday explaining that contactors will be in to remove the asbestos sheets from the roof. These are the contractors who appeared 3 days ago.

Somebody called Max Graham has turned my favourite Yes song into a disco remix thingie. It's not half bad.

News from the RSC:

"The Royal Shakespeare Company is to stage the biggest festival in its history, inviting theatre companies from across the world and around the UK to join the Company in a unique celebration of Shakespeare’s complete works.

From April 2006 the RSC will host The Complete Works, a year-long Festival of the entire Shakespeare canon at its Stratford-upon-Avon home. The Festival embraces film, new writing, and contemporary music, as well as a comprehensive survey of theatre artists currently interpreting Shakespeare worldwide. The Complete Works will celebrate the truly global reach of the greatest writer in the English language, and will be the first time all 37 plays, the sonnets and the long poems have been presented at the same event." The Works end with King Lear, played by Ian McKellen, in April 2007.

I see that the RSC shop is finally selling the BBC Richard II with Derek Jacobi. I've got the vid but am tempted to buy the DVD.


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