Saturday, July 09, 2005

Seven down, one to go.

Mutterings continued.

Final night of Nightingale tonight. We had another great audience last night - lots of laughter and applause. We haven't had anyone sing along with the tunes, which is disappointing.

I've fallen in love with the music and so today's shiny thing purchase was an album from Sanity called Music that Won the War. It contains most of the tracks played during the performance - Yours, A Nightingale Sang, Lovely Weekend. Two disk set, $10. Bargain. Michael, the sound guy, plays some great jazz tracks from the era and I must get hold of the name of the album. I've had Jimmie Rushing's "Don’t The Moon Look Lonesome Shining Through The Trees" going through my head all morning. I don't think that's actually the title, just the first line.

My other shiny thing purchase was also from Sanity - a Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow DVD for $25.

I'm dreading going shopping next Saturday morning. It's the release of the next Harry Potter book and I have to go past A and R bookshop to get to my car. When the last book was released, people were lining up outside the bookshop for hours, sitting on the ground, getting in the way. I walked past them, down to K Mart and paid $10 less for my copy. Didn't even have to queue.

I'm currently downloading Google Earth, which is taking forever. I've been playing with it....elsewhere....and as my friend Caroline said, "What a magnificant time waster!" I can see my house. Can't quite see my car parked outside the Zoo but I can see the boss's.


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